Tufpac® Book Packaging

Book Wrap Mailers

Pack Fast, Pack Easy with a High-Speed Book Packaging Solution

Book wraps are an innovative design of packaging that wraps tightly around books of different shapes and sizes. They are especially fast and easy to use because they are designed to conform to the size of the book without any pre-creasing or scoring. Just simply place the book in the centre of the wrap and fold the cardboard around the book. A quick and easy peel & seal closure secures the pack ready for mailing in just a few seconds.

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Twistwrap™ Mailers

Send Multi-Size Orders Safely and Securely

Twistwrap mailers are a type of book packaging that allows both the length and the depth to change depending on the book being packed. Its innovative design means that it has cross-dimensional fluting giving it extra strength and rigidity for those extra special parcels. The special twist also rotates the fluting to allow you to crease the board to the correct length and depth of the book making it super easy to pack your parcels.

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