SpeedBuild™ High Speed eCommerce Packaging

Use Fast Packaging to empower your packing team to double their packing speed

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Use Fast Packaging to empower your packing team to double their packing speed

Processing, picking and packing hundreds of orders per day and even per hour is one of an online stores biggest challenges. Sit back and ask yourself, how much money would you save if you could pack your online orders with half the number of staff? With our range of fast packaging this is a reality, crash lock base cartons, pop up postal boxes and high-speed void filling systems along with quick and easy retention packs are all aimed at significantly speeding up packing times. Let’s take SpeedBuild™ Accelerate for instance, our innovative design enables you to make up and seal closed in just 6 seconds, that’s means you could make up and seal 4 SpeedBuild™ Accelerate boxes in the same time that you could make up and seal only one standard box.

Fast Pop Up Cardboard Boxes

Pack More Parcels using Less Space in Less Time

In eCommerce it seems space and time is always an issue, if you are lucky you’ll be ok for most of the year, but come peak season we haven’t found any operations manager that says they have got too much space and time on their hands. The question is why? eCommerce is supposed to be the modern way of doing business, super-efficient, and slick. It’s because we’re still using old methods of packaging. Packing online orders, for most of us, is still lingering way back in the 19th century. Packing an online order fast requires a radical rethink into packaging design and the products we use. Here at Datec we can help you do just that. Join the group of online stores that are twiddling their thumbs during peak season and asking the sales teams for more orders because they are using time saving packaging.

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Fast Crash Lock eCommerce Boxes

Auto-lock pop up ecommerce boxes for super fast packaging

Fast crash lock ecommerce boxes have a special glued base that is prefolded and glued in a specific way to allow them to pop up in a second or two. Crash lock base boxes are the perfect option to speed up packing of online orders. They can help you pack more online orders with less packing staff in peak periods like black friday weekend and Christmas peak. When packing an online order, preparing the box for filling often takes a considerable proportion of the packing time. By using a crash lock base carton you almost completely eliminate that time element.

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High Speed Voidfill Systems

Are You Wasting Time Filling Space with Money?

Void fill is one of those necessary evils, and when you think about filling space with money it becomes very painful! However the good news is, by using a high speed voidfil system you can at least cut the time factor to the minimum possible. The key here is using a system which delivers the right amount directly to the packing bench as the packer needs it. If the system consistently delivers the correct amount of voidfil, the packer doesn’t have to think about how much to use, greatly speeding up the void filling process.

High speed paper void fill systems are perfect for ecommerce operations. As an eco friendly void filling solution they get the thumbs up, and with foot operated dispensing that gives a precise amount of void fill directly into the box.

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