Printed Postal Boxes

Custom Postal Packaging

Supercharge Your Social Media Campaign with Custom Postal Packaging

Have you seen videos and images on social media of happy customers unboxing their latest online order delivery? You can get your customers sharing their happiness with their friends too by using custom printed postal packaging. Research has shown that nearly 40% of customers would share an image or video of a new purchase if it came in premium or bespoke branded postal packaging. You can use this potential to supercharge your social media campaign and get your customers sharing their experience with your brand amongst their friends.

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Printed Postal Packaging Boxes

Inspire your customers to share photos of your printed boxes with their Friends

Using custom branded packaging boxes is one way to really ignite your customers passion for your brand. By adding printed messages and logos to the inside of your shipping box you can connect with your customers and encourage and inspire them to share images of what you have delivered to them. Just a simple printed ‘thank you’ message goes a long way to impressing your customer and creates a link on a very personal level.


Up your game by printing a message reminding your customer to share their happiness with their friends on social media. Some brands create a ‘wall of fame’ to encourage their customers to interact on social media, but there are many other opportunities, try running a competition, offer a referral reward, or create a Facebook community where your customers can share ideas.

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Printed Letterbox Boxes

Letterbox Postal Boxes Customised with a Personalised Print

Letterbox postal boxes that fit through a letter box can be customised and personalised to your brand. Here a postal letterbox pack is printed on the inside creating a great unboxing experience. The clean white inside also creates a surprising and smart look to the postal box. Letterbox boxes can be printed with up to 4 colours on both sides giving a wide range of personalisation options. Double sided printing allows us to create innovative inside printed letterbox packaging for a great unboxing experience.

Personalising postal boxes is a great way of getting your brand name out. Online stores that do regular deliveries, such as subscription boxes, can greatly benefit from the consistent brand exposure that printed packaging can give.

Coloured Postal Boxes

Coloured Postal Boxes with Custom Printing

Here a postal box has been coloured with a pink ink to add an attractive splash of colour to the inside of the postage box. In addition the coloured inside of the box has been over printed with the customers logos, tag line, and social media tags to connect with the customer and encourage them to share their new purchase.

Printing a flood solid colour to the inside makes a very eye catching postal box helping to impress your customer and reinforce your brand colours. It also makes a very impressive canvas to display your company logo and tag line helping them to stand out and be noticed.