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Reduce Voidfil

Death to Voidfil - Eliminate your Voidfil Costs

We don’t really like voidfil air pillows and crumpled paper, we sell them, but we don’t like them. I think you’d agree that voidfil is an unnecessary cost and one that is harmful to the environment. Added to that it’s difficult and bulky for your customer to dispose of and to be honest doesn’t look very nice does it? Wouldn’t it be great if someone designed a neat and tidy solution that completely removed the need for voidfil? Imagine not having to spend time stuffing crumpled paper or plastic air pillows into the top of your boxes.


Here at Datec we design special packaging that means you don’t have to worry about voidfil, or if you do it’s a lot faster to use! Sometimes you have to use voidfil, sometimes even we can’t avoid the voidfil plague, but we can make it nicer and kinder to the environment. Ask us to help and we’ll give our best shot at eliminating your voidfil, at the least we’ll try and make it nicer for you.

Help me Eliminate Voidfil