Recyclable Packaging

Recycled Packaging

Go 100% Environmentally Friendly

Did you know your ecommerce packaging can be manufactured from 100% recycled fibre? Show your customers what is really important to you by only using cardboard that has been recycled and is recyclable. We have a range of cardboard grades that look and feel fabulously ‘Eco-friendly’, perfect for sending that ‘we care’ message. Your boxes will be 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, and bio-degradable!

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Bio-Degradable Compostable Plastic Packaging

Fight the Plastic Plague with Compostable Plastic Packaging

Not all plastic is harmful, we can mix in a special additive during manufacture that makes many packaging plastics Bio-degradable. That means the special additive will break down the plastic into a compostable material in weeks rather than staying around for decades as waste plastic. With our bio-degradable plastic you can print an ‘I’m bio-degradable’ message on your bags to show your customers that your eco-friendly packaging is something super special.

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Alternatives to Plastic Mailing Bags

End the Plastic Bag Plague Forever

Hot on the heels of the plastic free revolution are our cutting-edge range of paper mailing bags and paper ecommerce bags. We’ve been designing plastic packaging alternatives for years so we’re well placed to offer advice on how to replace your plastic mailing bags with an environmentally friendly substitute.


Paper Mailing Bags are the perfect choice to show you are really caring about the environment, swap your ocean clogging plastic with plastic free paper mailing bag that won’t find its way into those piles of stinking waste that are ruining the environment.

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Alternatives to Plastic Packaging Tape

Banish that horrible plastic packaging tape with these alternatives

Plastic packaging tape is one of the most usual forms of sealing a box closed but it’s also one of the most harmful and polluting methods. Here’s a few alternatives you can explore:


  • Paper Tape:  Why not use a paper tape to seal your boxes? Keep that eco look and show your customers you really care about the environment by taping up your parcels with a self-adhesive paper tape.
  • Peel & Seal Closure:  Remove tape completely with a simple and easy peel & seal glue strip. Simply seal your boxes with a strip of glue rather than using unsightly tape. Peel & seal closure looks professional and very environmentally friendly.
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