Paper Mailing Bags & Paper Postal Sacks

Custom Printed Paper Mailing Bags

Personalise your paper mailing bags with printed logos & brand patterns.

Custom printed paper mailing bags can be printed with your logo and your brand message to create a low cost environmentally friendly shipping solution for your online orders. They are easy to personalise even at very small quantities so even the smallest boutiques can embrace a mailing bag that is both eco-friendly and professionally branded.

Personalised paper mailing bags are a great opportunity to increase your brand perception. Compostable mailers that are printed with your logos lets your customers know you care about the environment. Your logos can be digitally printed for small quantities, or flexo printed for large quantities, allowing us to supply both small quantities and large competitive print runs alike.

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Plain Paper Mailing Bags

Not got the budget for branding? We have a stock range too!

We carry a stock range of plain paper mailing bags in a rustic brown craft and a bright clean white allowing everyone, even those with limited budgets, to move over to our paper mailing bags. Available in a wide range of sizes right from very small up to large mailing bags, you can use them to pack many different retail items such as clothing, toys, games, cosmetics, health supplements, gifts, and many more. Our paper mailing bags contain recycled material as well as being recyclable and compostable. They also have a quick and easy seal strip to make packing faster and more efficient.

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Paper Postal Sacks

Even send large orders in Super Strong postal sacks

Paper postal sacks are large paper postal bags manufactured from high quality kraft paper. They are usually made in a double layer construction for extra strength which means they have two layers of paper instead of just the one layer that a paper mailing bag has.

Paper mailing sacks are used for larger items or multiple item orders that need extra strength and security. The twin layers of paper also give extra water resistance keeping the contents dry even in prolonged exposure to rain.
We stock the following sizes of paper mailing sacks:

  • 210mm x 230mm + 60mm Gusset
  • 250mm x 345mm + 60mm Gusset
  • 350mm x 430mm + 60mm Gusset
  • 400mm x 430mm + 60mm Gusset
  • 600mm x 450mm + 60mm Gusset
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