Retention Packaging

Retention boxes & suspension packaging for reduced void fill & the ultimate protection.

Retention Postal Pack for Delicate Electronics
Suspension Packaging for Electronics
Retention Packaging for Laptops

Retention boxes & suspension packaging for reduced void fill & the ultimate protection

Here at Datec you’ll find a comprehensive range of retention packaging systems designed and developed to give maximum product protection and professional presentation. Retention packaging is a system which retains a product in the centre of a carton without the need for expensive voidfil and cushioning materials, not only creating a crumple zone around the item but also presenting the product in a very professional manner.

Retention packaging systems minimise packing materials down to a thin sheet of clear film which, presents your product in a clean and tidy manner with the minimum amount of wasted packaging. There are generally two types of retention packaging; one uses a sheet of film which is pre-glued to a cardboard base, the other utilises a machine to wrap a plastic film around both the product and the cardboard base. This cardboard base is then fitted into an outer transit box creating a high-performance shipping solution that protects your product like no other.

Paper Retention Packaging

Paper Retention Packaging

The retention packaging insert that is fully recyclable & biodegradable

Take the plastic out of your retention packaging boxes with our all-new fully paper retention packaging system. Our eComPack paper retention box insert uses paper instead of plastic to retain your items making them one of the first genuinely recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable retention packaging products.

The all paper construction takes all the plastic out and still holds and protects your items due to the innovative paper tensioning system. Our eComPack paper retention packs can be fully printed with logos and personalised with your brand colours making them perfect for gift wrapping online orders.

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Retention Packaging 

 Professionally Present your Products

Retention Packaging is a method of packaging which uses a thin film to hold or retain the item being packaged, the space around the product then becomes a protective crumple zone around the item. The beauty of retention packaging boxes are the way they presents your products, the clear film gives your customers a fantastic view of your product the moment that they open the box. If you are looking for the very best in product presentation you’ll struggle to find anything better than our retention boxes. And as we are one of the UK’s retention packaging manufacturers we can customise retention pack inserts to fit your products perfectly.

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Laptop Retention Packaging
Suspension Packaging for Delicate Electronics

Suspension Packaging

The Super-Soft Packaging System for the most Delicate Items

Suspension packaging is a three-part system that is similar in principle to a retention packaging system, the difference being that the item being packed is sandwiched between two layers of polythene film and suspended in the centre of the carton. The two layers of film act in a similar way to suspension on a car, ironing out the bumps and bashes your parcel encounters during a transit period. Suspension packaging inserts are often used for larger and more delicate products that need softer cushioning than other protective packaging can give.

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