As an online retailer you want to build brand loyalty, so that once a customer has found you they return to buy from you again and again. As well keeping your customers coming back to you, wouldn’t it be great if they were to tell their friends what a great shopping experience and customer service you provide. These recommendations and referrals are an important source of new business.


So how do we encourage repeat online orders and referrals?


The skill to encouraging repeat orders and getting your customers to spread the word about your brand is to give them a fantastic buying experience with your store. With brick and mortar stores we can create an atmosphere and give them a great instore experience but when it comes to online retail you need to turn to custom branded packaging.


The Importance of Brand Packaging


Packaging that reflects your brand creates a tangible link with the online buying experience that your customer had with your store when they placed their order. Up until the point your customer receives their parcel the buying experience has been virtual. There’s the website that they placed their order on, the confirmation emails, and the delivery tracking emails, they are all virtual. But as humans we need tangible confirmation. That’s why the physical delivery of the order itself can make or break your customers’ perception of your store.

Branded packaging bridges the gap and links the virtual buying experience with the physical delivery of the order. By creating a seamless transition between the virtual and tangible experiences you will strengthen and endorse your online brand. In contrast, if the physical delivery of the product comes in plain packaging that doesn’t link at all with the online brand the experience becomes disjointed. This could even sow doubt in your customers mind about the genuineness of your online store and increase the perception of risk. By dislocating the tangible experience and the virtual online experience the two become almost two separate companies with very little brand connection. In this instance your new customer is a lot less likely to recommend or refer your brand to their friends, and worst of all they may choose another store next time.


Custom Printed Boxes – Wow Your Customer


Innovative new products for the online retail market such as Incognito® packaging are creating custom printed boxes that not only look good but really WOW your customer. Let your imagination go beyond just printing your logo, there are other opportunities like adding in your catchy strapline, or asking them to share their new purchase with their friends on social media, and plenty of space to add in your social media links and brand pattern too. Adding custom print to your boxes creates so many opportunities for engaging your customer and increasing the perception of your brand it is a very cost-effective marketing tool.

What are Incognito® eCommerce Boxes? – Incognito® printed eCommerce boxes are an innovative brand of boxes that create that special WOW feeling when your customers open their parcel. Incognito® true to its name keeps your boxes plain on the outside but when your customer opens the box they are greeted with a blaze of colour. By printing the inside of the box you can create a much more exciting and unique unboxing experience, and it will be much easier for your customer to share a photo of your products and the box on social media. With just one snap your brand, your products, and your social media and website address can be shared.

In this modern world of automation, the courier systems are mostly automated which means that print on the outside only actually gets seen by 2 or maybe 3 people on its trip to your customer. With print on the inside however, although you can’t see it until the box is opened, your customer is quite likely to share a photo of their new delivery on social media with the lid open and all the contents neatly arranged, and so reaching far more people than the courier system. In short, with print on the outside the courier men will see it but will probably be too busy to notice, but with print on the inside when a photo gets shared on social media your branding will reach your customers friends, relatives and connections.

Custom printed boxes may not be as expensive as you think. With new short run printing options being developed for printing on to stock boxes and reducing setup costs bespoke box printing is coming well within the reach of most online retail stores.


Custom Packaging for Online Shops


It’s not just boxes that can be printed, we do a whole range of custom packaging for online shops. Custom packaging like tissue paper can be coupled with printed boxes to really give your online shop brand extra punch.
Custom Tissue Paper: Great for wrapping your products individually into their own special parcels, custom printed tissue paper boosts your brand to a professional level and puts you on a par with the most established online stores.

    • Custom Printed Ribbon: Tie each bundle of products with printed ribbon to make your customer feel like they are receiving a present.
    • Custom Printed Paper Tape: Seal your boxes with custom printed paper tape for that ultimate environmentally friendly look coupled with professional branding.
    • Custom Stickers & Tags: You can use custom stickers on the outside for sealing your boxes as well as securing wrapping paper inside your boxes


Bespoke Packaging Boxes


You can do much more than just print your packaging boxes! Tufpac® bespoke packaging boxes can be specially designed to make your online deliveries extra special and unique. Designs that make up into different shapes like triangular or octagonal boxes, adding cut-out shapes and windows, and using special opening and closing techniques, can make your boxes really stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke packaging boxes can also help you solve problems like breakages and increasing the environmentally friendly aspect of your packaging. Designing your box so it can be made into something else like a model or game keeps your customers engaged with your brand for longer and gives them more reasons to share your brand on social media.