Case Study - Custom Printed PiP Boxes

Custom Large Letter Box Feature 1

Small Postal Box with White Inside & Outside

We selected a corrugated board with white paper on the both sides to give an air of quality. While a little more expensive, the good quality white kraft board makes this large letter box look and feel professional. White cardboard PiP boxes make a brilliant little mailing pack at low cost.

Other cardboard options include white on one side and brown on the other. Some customers use white inside large letter posting boxes with a brown outside to create a great unboxing experience for their customers. We even have options of 100% recycled fibre cardboard and FSC® certified cardboard for those looking for an eco-conscious choice.

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Custom Large Letter Postal Box Feature 2

Two Colour Flexo Custom Printing

This box has been flexo printed in two colours with the white text reversed out of the black print. The result looks like a three colour print while only using two separate colours. Printing large letter boxes like this is a low cost method of personalising ecommerce boxes. For a few extra pence per box you can inspire your customers to share your logo and brand message with their friends on social media.

Flexo printing is a very cost effective printing process often used for custom printed boxes. It requires an initial setup cost for the printing plate but once this is purchased it can be used again and again. Other flexo print options for printed large letter boxes and other letterbox postal boxes are printing in up to 4 colours and double sided printing. Double sided printing is where both the inside and the outside of the box is printed making for a great unboxing experience for your customers. Inside printed letterbox postal boxes with bespoke print on the inside are a very popular choice. We can also offer flood colour printing where the postal large letter boxes are printed all over in a solid colour.

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Custom PiP Boxes Feature 3

Self Seal Postal Boxes

For high speed packing and a more up-market look we added a peel & seal closure to the packaging. Self seal packaging with a glue strip allows packers to pack faster and more efficiently. Adding a peel & seal strip to small postal boxes like this removes the often fiddly process of trying to seal them with tape. Sealing an ecommerce box with a tape strip also gives a much more professional look to the packaging leaving the outside clean and free from plastic tape.

Other options to speed up packing include pop-up and crash lock style postal boxes. These fast packaging styles help to reduce the carton make up time which for small orders can be a substantial percentage of the time taken to pack a postal box. You can watch how quick it is to make up a crash lock box here. Custom designed pop up postal packs can greatly benefit your packing operation making it more efficient with less staff.

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Custom Letterbox Boxes Feature 5

Frustration Free Postal Box with Tear Opening Strip

Adding a tear open strip makes the box super easy for their customers to open and reduces the risk of injury while trying to cut the box open. Frustration free postal packaging like this a great way to improve the unboxing experience for your customers. Receiving an online order in one of these PiP large letter boxes makes ordering online a much smoother and more memorable experience.

Other ways to make sure postal boxes are frustration free are to ensure they fit through the letterbox. Many customers get frustrated by failed deliveries, so by making sure the postal packs fit through the letter box slot is the best way to make sure your parcels get delivered every time. This is particularly important for subscription boxes where customers are expecting regular on time deliveries. Letterbox postal boxes are perfect for subscription companies and ensure on time deliveries.

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