Incognito® is one of the most influential brands of bespoke printed eCommerce Packaging. Our fantastic design ideas coupled with inside printing makes the Incognito® brand an innovative eCommerce packaging concept for online shops and e-commerce stores.

Here at Datec Packaging we’ve been helping our customers with boxes for e-commerce for over 15 years! So we know what it’s all about. Our experience in many different areas of packaging for different products has allowed us to bring together a comprehensive range of eCommerce Packaging. Our range creates that WOW unboxing experience for not just the premium brands but at a pricing level which includes even the low-cost budget brands.

ecommerce packaging

What is E-Commerce Packaging?

E-commerce packaging is packaging which has been optimised for use by e-commerce stores and online shops. In recent years online shoppers have started to expect more than just a brown box with a bit of packing material. They now expect an unboxing experience.

The perfect e-commerce packaging starts with a brown box, yes seriously! Keeping the outside plain brown and understated increases security through the courier network and keeps your customer in suspense. Next up is a nice easy tear open strip. This is so they don’t have to run through to the kitchen and get a kitchen knife or pair of scissors to open your parcel. Then they open your e-commerce box and WOW…the inside is a nice clean white or a blaze of colour showing off your brand pattern or logo. And there’s a message saying thanks and prompting them to share their purchase on social media.

But it doesn’t stop there…inside the box they find a few sheets of bespoke printed tissue paper hiding their new purchase from view. This further increases that suspense that has been building up all this time. Under the tissue are a selection of cards and booklets saying thank you and suggesting other products that they could buy. It’s no wonder most e-commerce stores are looking to e-commerce packaging to make the difference to their whole brand perception and make that special link in an otherwise intangible transaction.