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The Incognito® eCommerce Packaging Solution

Custom printed eCommerce packaging solutions that will inspire your customers to share your brand with their Friends

Inside printed ecommerce packaging solutions that create a memorable unboxing experience. Sharing photos of new online purchases with its custom box and packaging is a trend that’s here to stay. Many customers are compelled to share a photo or video of a new purchase when they experience a memorable unboxing experience that engages their emotions. In the eCommerce world the delivery of the product is the first tangible touch point of the sale. If you make your customer say WOW when they open their parcel, they are much more likely to share their new purchase on social media and tell their friends all about you.

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High Speed E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

Empower your packing team to Double their Packing Speed with fast e-commerce packaging solutions

High speed e-commerce packaging solutions, such as our SpeedBuild™ designs, reduce carton makeup times down to just a few seconds. These box styles allow despatch departments to despatch high volumes of orders in record time. It is not difficult to double throughput on an ecommerce packing line just by using a bespoke SpeedBuild™ design.


But it’s not just the bespoke ecommerce box design, we also consider time saving voidfil and protective packaging solutions. By using automated paper filling systems or expanding foam wallets, void filling can also be reduced to just a few seconds.

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Multi-Size eCommerce Boxes

Simplify Multiple Sized Order Packing by Using Just One Pack Size

Tired of stocking lots of different box sizes?


Multi-size custom eCommerce boxes are specially designed to change size to match each particular order size. Online orders are often a mix of different products and quantities which results in an almost infinite number of different parcel sizes. With this in mind we got our design gurus to come up with some box designs that change shape and size to fit each order without loads of empty space, and they’ve done a pretty good job! We’ve waved goodbye to the days when you had to use an excessive amount of voidfil material.

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Tufpac® Book Wraps & eCommerce Mailers

One of the best multi-purpose ecommerce packaging solutions

Although initially designed for online book sellers mailing out books and CD’s, our book wrap mailers have proved invaluable as an ecommerce packaging solution when mailing out a wide range of smaller online orders across many industries. Discover how the versatile designs can help you pack faster and easier with very high protection levels. When you consider our range of Tufpac® ecommerce packaging supplies have been crafted with 20 years of experience and dedication it’s no wonder they are helping such a diverse range of online businesses send their online orders safely.

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Retention & Suspension Packaging

Present and protect your products like never before

Arguably one of the most protective packaging systems on the market, retention packaging is becoming more and more popular as the benefits in protection, ease of packing, and a great unboxing experience are being realised. Historically one of the more expensive packaging systems available, retention and suspension packaging has become more and more affordable as volumes have grown. By dramatically speeding up and simplifying even the most technical packaging requirements, retention postal mailers can replace many different time-consuming packing methods.

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Environmentally Friendly eCommerce Packaging Solutions

Improve Customer Ratings with Eco eCommerce Packaging Solutions

If you’re anything like us it’ll make you sick to see so much waste plastic in our oceans and being tipped in the countryside as landfill. It’s no wonder many customers are choosing to order with online stores that use environmentally friendly ecommerce packaging solutions. There are many aspects to eco-friendly packaging. Firstly, it’s ok to use biodegradable ecommerce bags because they break down into compostable material, you can even put them in your compost heap! Next up, do you really need so much void fill? We’ve got some real smart ideas that cut out void fill completely. And there’s also the big question, why use a cardboard box and plaster it in plastic tape? Use a peel & seal glue strip to seal your boxes shut and ditch that plastic tape for ever.

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