If you are an e-commerce operations manager and have been given the task of packaging and shipping online orders for an eCommerce operation we are very sympathetic. We have learnt the hard way that developing a great eCommerce packaging solution is not easy. That’s why we developed the Tufpac® brand. It’s a brand name that is making those difficult e-commerce packaging situations a lot more manageable.

Tufpac® began its life in a simple range of book mailers. From there it has grown to umbrella a further 4 brand names each focusing on their specific areas of eCommerce Packaging.


Tufpac® Book Wraps


15 years ago we started a selection of twistwrap book wraps that we sold to online book shops throughout the UK. We had 3 sizes which had a variable length and depth design and as a result fitted most book sizes snugly. From there the range developed into 7 different sizes and we added a peel & seal closure strip so our customers could conveniently seal their parcels.

It wasn’t long before our versatile Tufpac® book wraps became recognised as a great solution for ecommerce stores where packaging needed to be fast to boost throughput. Since then book wraps have been used by many online stores up and down the country for sending a whole selection of different items.

The Tufpac® book wrap range has grown to include 3 different styles and quality grades to cover a wide range of applications whether you need a cost effective mailing solution or a high performance mailer for high value goods.

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Tuftwist® eCommerce Mailers


It was particularly our twist style mailer range that grew in popularity with the ecommerce market. The extra security provided by sealing the internal flaps meant that these mailers could be used to send higher value items, opening the doors particularly to the electronics markets. The multi-length and multi-depth properties of a twist style mailer means that the products being packed are hugged tightly so they can’t move around in transit. This in turn completely removes the need to use extra voidfill packaging, making them more cost-effective and much faster to pack.

Now we’ve rebranded our popular twistwrap style book wraps as Tuftwist® and we stock thousands of these mailers ready for next day despatch to a wide range of online stores and book shops up and down the UK.


Incognito® eCommerce Packaging


With boutiques and premium retail brands going online we needed a special solution that would impress their customers. We put our heads together and developed the Incognito® range of ecommerce packaging. Incognito® ecommerce packaging has a plain brown outside with custom print and colours on the inside making an impressive box opening experience.

The Incognito® range very quickly gained popularity with retail brands and boutiques as it set them apart from their competitors and gave them the ability to entwine their brand with the delivery of their products and complete the premium buying experience. Recently Incognito® ecommerce packaging has developed and is now available in a range of different styles and quality levels to provide WOW packaging for both premium and budget brands alike.

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SpeedBuild™ E-commerce Packaging


SpeedBuild™ e-commerce packaging was born through the need for high speed packaging for e-commerce. As established brands moved towards multi-channel sales they needed more flexible packaging methods to keep pace with their online sales. The peaks and troughs that are accentuated by online shopping and the introduction of Black Friday and Cyber Monday were causing significant problems in the despatch operations of many ecommerce stores.

To help ease the bottleneck caused by order packing we developed innovative solutions that slashed packing speed down to just a few seconds. By utilising crashlock base styles and multi-corner gluing systems coupled with the renowned Tufpac® peel & seal closure strips we have produced a range of cardboard packaging that significantly decreases order packing for many different types of online orders. With focus on shaving the last few seconds off a packing process, we are proud to produce some of the fastest packaging designs on the market.

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RinoHide™ E-commerce Boxes


Super tough and strong E-commerce boxes manufactured to take on the toughest jobs. If you need heavy items transporting in safety and security you need RinoHide™. With cardboard grades matching plywood strengths we have one of the strongest ranges of cardboard boxes on the UK market.


eCommerce Packaging Solutions


As you can see we’ve been developing a lot of different solutions for the eCommerce packaging market. All our designs are customer driven and designed to solve a particular problem that has evolved with the increase in popularity for online buying. Many ecommerce packing operations are over-spending or spending in the wrong places. We’ve recognised this and used our knowledge and skill to help operation managers throughout the UK pack smarter and more cost-effectively with a range of innovative eCommerce Packaging Solutions.

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